By Leo Casper
GWRRA #62253 • Lancaster, Wisconsin

On July 16, 1991 I bought a new 1990 GL1500. I told the salesperson I would put 100,000 miles on it under warranty. The odometer turned 100 grand three years and one month later (August 18, 1994). On June 16, 1997 it reached 200,000. On May 25, 2001, it reached 300,000; it passed 400,000 miles on September 15, 2001. As of February 2002, it had 403,000 miles, so I keep on racking up the miles even during Wisconsin’s winters!
The bike has received regular maintenance.
Oil change—every 2,000 miles
Oil filter change—every 4,000 miles
Air filter, clean or change—every 20,000 miles
Final drive lubricant—changed every 20,000 miles
Brake pads—changed every 45,000 miles
New spark plugs—changed every year
Coolant and all hydraulic fluids—changed every two years
Additionally, I have replaced five sets of cam belts, four sets of alternator brushes, one set of steering head bearings, and two sets of front wheel bearings. The speedometer drive unit and cable, the water pump, one set of front brake rotors, one rear brake rotor, a set of mufflers, both rear shocks, the left fork seal and one set of carburetor slides have been replaced. It still has the original alternator rotor, but a different stator.
I get 18-20,000 miles from rear tires and 23-25,000 miles from front tires. I have used 167 gallons of oil, 84 oil filters, and approximately 11,000 gallons of fuel.
When I bought the bike, it was Light Metallic Blue. At 175,00 miles, I hit a deer. The bike was heavily damaged, but due to our wearing proper riding gear, my Co-Rider and I escaped with minor (but painful) injuries. The bike was painted red to match our replacement helmets.
After the accident, the windshield, handlebars, mirrors, antenna, clutch lever, engine guards and bag savers had to be replaced. The front fender, lower left fairing and lower cowl have been replaced also.
The motorcycle still runs great and doesn’t use any oil. I was planning on running it to 500,000 miles, but I bought a new GL1800, so the GL1500 doesn’t get used as hard. I still use it as a work bike, putting about 400 miles a week on it.
I may eventually find out how far a GL1500 will go. Will my new GL1800 perform as well?